Your turbine is like an organism – You have to predict what may happen and act before any damage occurs.

No matter how good and advanced the wind turbine generators are, they must be maintained in order to ensure optimal performance and reliability, with an availability percentage close to 99%. Turbines are designed for a lifespan of 20 years. To achieve this longevity you need to check up on it continuously during this time.Turbines will perform and last a lifetime if they are thoroughly maintained

Turbines will perform and last a lifetime if they are thoroughly maintained

Periodic service and maintenance sustains and even improves performance over the wind turbine’s lifetime. Furthermore, regular inspection and the maintenance of all components helps to prevent minor defects from developing into bigger problems, influencing production output.

Early analysis and repair of defects is crucial in avoiding larger repairs in the future.

What we can offer you is a totally reliable, professional and honest team of service technicians with fully equipped service vans ready for the task in hand:

  •  Planned and scheduled maintenance: 3 months (torqueing), 6 months (small service), 12 months (main service with transformer), 48 months (torqueing + main service),
  •  Unscheduled maintenance,
  •  Trouble-shooting and fault diagnostics,
  •  WTG part repair and exchange,
  •  Lubrication of components, Oil and filter change including oil analysis,
  • Replacement of main components: gearbox, bearings, generators, transformers,
  •  Cleaning & Painting the turbine inside and outside, mould removal,
  •  Ad-hoc repairs

Additional services provided on demand:

  • Out of warranty inspections (main components, blades, etc.)
  • Quality control (punch list, turbine and main component inspection, turbine condition assessment)

All service technicians are trained to the highest standards


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