Consulting (theory)

  • Analysis of road surveys
  • Support and optimization of wind farm site layout planning
  • Adapting site layout projects while considering other turbine manufacturers


Special tasks:

  • Blade inspections  – Wind turbine blades are exposed to heat, sand, rain, snow and hail and often the extreme weather conditions erode their surfaces. Wear and tear negatively affects aerodynamics, and increases turbulence in the blades, resulting in reduced overall turbine input.
  • Blade repairs – Periodic service and maintenance sustains and even improves performance over the blade’s lifetime. Furthermore, regular inspections and maintenance of blades help prevent minor defects from developing into structural cracks. Early analysis and repair of visible cracks is crucial in avoiding larger repairs in the future
  • Mould removal
  • Turbine Cleaning
  • Advertisement on turbines (nacelle & tower)

UDT – The Polish Office of Technical Inspection:

1. UDT Certification
2. Maintenance and inspection of UDT regulated devices such as:

  • service lifts,
  • chain hoists,
  • internal cranes,
  • hydraulic accumulators,

We are certified by PowerClimber to provide maintenance on Titan Sherpa hoists and Sherpa-SD2/RW service lifts

  • Maintenance and inspection of ladders, safety systems, firefighting equipment,  (Our specialists possess Avanti certificates)
  • Electrical Tests

If it is a turbine issue it is M4Wind issue


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