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High standards

We ensure that all works are performed in accordance with both national and international standards, including the following quality standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001
There are no tasks for M4Wind that cannot be carried out safely, in accordance with local regulations and with the highest care for health and the environment.


All our wind farm operations are bound by the strict Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) standards.

At M4Wind, we believe that no task is so important that it cannot be done safely and in complete compliance with local Health and Environment regulations.

Workplace accidents at M4Wind sites are a rarity, thanks to a safety of culture and our insistence that if a job cannot be performed safely, it will not be performed at all.

In each case and every day, our guiding principle is the same. People are our most valuable assets, and protecting them is essential. This commitment has resulted in numerous accolades from our Customers and co-workers.

It is not only about the training.

Although construction is one of the worst industries in Europe in terms of safety, there have been, and are, various groups working towards improving construction conditions and safety. We are there on a daily basis to monitor, prevent and avoid any possible injuries…

How to make a Construction Site Safe?

Basic steps that must always be taken

1. Perform a safety walk across the site – identify and assess any hazards and write down anything that may be considered as unsafe. Notify Site Management of possible dangers that they should know about!
2. Give a site briefing to all personnel and visitors to your site prior to site entrance.
3. Identify and mark all hazardous materials – Label and store any materials deemed hazardous in proper COSHH containers and secure them in a safe location. Make sure there is an MSDS card for all potentially hazardous chemicals/materials.
4. Inspect all equipment in order to be sure it is working properly.
5. Use full PPE, fall-arrest protection and other safety equipment when performing any work at height.
6. Provide personal protective equipment to all employees and visitors.
7. Be sure that Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards are met.
8. Prepare for emergencies. Make an emergency plan. Have an approved first aid kit/trained first aider.
9. Protect the public by barricading. Fence off the site to keep unauthorized people out of danger.

Our Staff’s Certification includes

1. Basic H&S traning
2. Periodic H&S training
3. Medical Certificates proving fitness for working at heights of over 3 metres.
4. Resque at heights
5. Firefighting
6. First Aid
7. Manual Handling
8. Safety Awarness
9. SEP electrical licence (category D and E) – supervision and exploitation
10. UDT service lift licence
11. Wind turbine manufacturer specific courses:

  • Vestas NCR system
  • Vestas Incident Management System (IMS)
  • Vestas Level C Installation Training
  • Vestas Level D Installation Training
  • LOTO
  • Electrical Safety for Qualified
  • SAP
  • Work with DMS (Document Managemet System)
  • SCADA – Vestas Online Business


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